Do You Need a New Accountant?

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Is your accountant doing a good job to ensure that you are paying the lowest possible taxes and are building your wealth through sound tax and financial planning? Answer the following questions to help determine if you need a new accountant.

  • Does your accountant send you tax planning suggestions throughout the year?
  • Are you saving for retirement in a way that also cuts taxes?
  • Do you know how to shelter some of your income from taxes?
  • Do you know how much and what kind of life insurance you should carry?
  • Are you using gifting to cut both income and estate taxes?
  • Has your accountant reviewed your will for tax considerations?
  • Do you have to call your accountant about the status of your work?
  • Are your telephone calls returned promptly?
  • Is your work completed when promised?
  • Does your accountant use language that you can understand?
  • Does your accountant assist you with personal financial planning?

If you're a business owner. . .

  • Do you feel your accountant is knowledgeable about your business?
  • Are your financial statements adequately discussed with you?
  • Do you receive written comments comparing current financial statements with prior statements?
  • Do you get assistance in preparing budgets and cash flow projections?
  • Does your accountant help train your in-house accounting personnel?
  • Do you think your bookkeeping system is efficient?

In summary. . .

  • Do you feel your accountant listens when you talk?
  • Is your accountant readily available when needed?
  • Do you feel your accountant's advice is beneficial and profitable?
  • Do you feel that your accountant appreciates your business?
  • Would you recommend your accountant to others?

If you answered "no" to one or more of these questions, you may not be getting all the service you should be getting from your current accountant. You may also question if you're doing all you can do to improve your financial situation.

Let's get acquainted. . .

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